Other Courses

The following courses can be substituted in place of LAW 202, 203 and 204 toward completion of the Certificate.

PHIL 318 – Philosophy of Law (Queen’s Arts and Science)

This course introduces students to some of the central concepts in the exciting and fascinating field of philosophy of law, or what lawyers call jurisprudence, a subject that straddles the disciplines of law and philosophy, both the principles of legal institutions and the ideals of legal order.  At the heart of the philosophy of law is the question of how the rules of the coercive state might justly intervene in individual freedom.  We will consider writings from classic jurisprudence as well as contemporary debates, taken from the UK, the US and Canada.  Possible topics include the relation between law and morality, the idea of the rule of law, human rights, the proper role of judges, and hate speech, pornography and freedom of expression.  These topics will be pursued in order to acquire a grasp of the central ideas and arguments of legal philosophy as well as the skills to assess and critique them.


EMPR 210 – Employment Relations and Labour Law (Queen’s Arts and Science) (Exclusion with Law-203/703 Workplace Law)

Course Description: Employment laws govern the relationship between every working Canadian and their employer.  This introductory course will provide students a foundation to understand employment law in Canada.  The course will examine the principles of employment law with a primary focus on current provincial and federal legislation affecting human resource management in a non-unionized setting including the: Ontario Human Rights Code, Ontario Employment Standards Act, Pay Equity Act, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Employment Equity Act.  The course will also examine issues regarding privacy, voluntary and involuntary employment termination, and broader common law topics. NOTE: EITHER LAW 203/703 OR EMPR 210 CAN BE TAKEN AS PART OF THE CERTIFICATE (but not both).


Commerce 382 – Business Law II (Smith School of Business) (exclusion with Law-204/704 Corporate Law)

This course expands upon the material from Business Law I (an introduction to common law, specifically the law of tort and contracts).  Commerce 382 is concerned primarily with the law and regulation relating to specific business activities (sales, marketing, leasing and bailment) and business relationships (business organizations, agency and credit relationships).  Other topics that may be addressed include intellectual property, ownership of real property, insurance and employment law. NOTE: COMM-381 IS A PREREQUISITE FOR THIS COURSE. This course is restricted to students enrolled in the 3rd or 4th year of their program. NOTE: EITHER LAW 204/704 OR COMM382 CAN BE TAKEN AS PART OF THE CERTIFICATE (but not both).