Law 201/701: Introduction to Canadian Law

Intro to Canadian Law

Law 201/701 is designed for students from all disciplines, but will be of particular interest to students in history, political science, or business.  The course provides students with an introduction to the Canadian legal and judicial systems.  Students will learn the sources of law in Canadian common law jurisdictions, as well as the basic workings of the Canadian court system.  Students will be introduced to the role of lawyers and judges, and legal ethics.

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The bulk of the course will be taken up with offering students an introduction to substantive Canadian legal topics:  The Charter of Rights and the Constitution Act, 1867; Criminal Law; Torts; Contracts; Property Law; Family Law; and Business Law. Faculty members from the Faculty of Law will teach the various units in the course. They will include references to current examples, case law, and statutory law.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • CLO 1: Recognize and explain the distinction between public and private law in Canada.
  • CLO 2: Illustrate the structure of the judicial system in Canada.
  • CLO 3: Critically analyze and evaluate Canadian judicial decisions.
  • CLO 4: Identify and explain basic legal reasoning while applying legal principles to facts.
  • CLO 5: Evaluate current social issues, including access to justice and equality as it relates to minority groups, such as First Nations, taking into account the diversity of Canadian society and fundamental Canadian legal principles.

Assessment Weighting

Assessment Tool Weight
Case Brief 10%
Group E-Poster including peer review 15%
Online Mid-Term 10%
Family Law Fact Pattern – The Matrimonial Home 10%
One online forum discussion – current event 2%
Weekly Quizzes & Crosswords – quizzes are graded; crosswords are graded on attempts, but there must be an attempt.
Students can do these as often as they want, and will be graded on their highest attempt
Jeopardy Questions 5%
Jeopardy Game Play 5%
Online Tutorial Grade 5%
Final Proctored Exam – 100 MC & TF (3 hours) 30%

For more information, including course outcomes, instructor information, textbooks and more, please visit the Arts & Science Online page for Law 201/701.